New production lines introduced

17 August 2018

Legrand began the construction of a new warehouse in early April 2017. Two new production lines were introduced at the start of 2018, one for receiving raw potatoes and a new peeling and cutting line. Thanks to the latest production methods, the latter will be able to cope with twice as many potatoes as the current line. We would like to benefit from the ever growing demand for fresh potato products with this expansion.

“The new production line will incorporate innovations in the areas of cutting, optical sorting, cooling and packing which will double the storage life of potato products.

This melds seamlessly with our company philosophy to produce more sustainably and efficiently, reducing water and energy use…”

Sandra Stragier and Patrick Legrand

Legrand is strengthening its position in the Belgian fresh potato product market with this investment of 12 million euros. In the short term, the company will employ a further 10 people. In the long term, there are further plans for expansion with particular focus on environmental aspects including sustainable waste management.

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