Bintje is a potato variety bred in 1905 by a Friesian teacher, Lieuwes de Vries, from a cross between the ‘Mustersen’ and ‘Fransen’ varieties. The bintje first came onto the market in 1910. It is a mid-early ripening variety with a good tuber shape and excellent eating quality. This potato is suitable for both home cooking and the chips and crisps potato industry. The white tubers are large, long-oval, and fairly flat-eyed. It has a light-yellow flesh that is fairly firm when cooked. The flavour is neutral. Although there was some talk of replacing it in the market by more resistant varieties, the bintje remains a popular potato for the consumer. With more than 100 years on the counter, the further cultivation of this variety is still closely followed. Biocides have become more environmentally friendly than about 10 years ago, and the variety has become more resistant to fluctuating tempertures. In the laboratory at Legrand, both harvested bintjes and processed products are scanned daily following the required norms. Thus we can be sure of a high-quality product for all our customers. And that is our personal guarantee. Read all about our quality guarantees, food safety and certificates.

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