Legrand engages in a closed chain from land to customer. That means the product is dug up, transported, processed, cooled and delivered with no unnecessary detours. Where possible we use our own transport, and we can count on partners to take care of extra volume in certain periods.

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In our new facility, all potatoes are delivered unwashed into a collection bin that pre-sorts them into the first bunkers. From the bunkers, the potatoes are taken to a washing unit. The field soil is removed, then they are sorted by size in the second part of the sorting facility. From there they are taken on demand per size to the processing facility. There they are briefly steamed and tumbled to remove skin and blemishes. After a manual check, blanched or not, they are automatically processed in the appropriate production line. Peeled potatoes, half potatoes, slices or chips in various sizes. Electronic and mechanical checks are carried out during the entire process. This means that potatoes and chips with faults in size, shape and weight are sorted out and manually and/or automatically rectified where possible in an alternative line. This way waste is kept to a minimum and the customer receives a high-quality product. Not surprisingly, our installation and refuse processing is certified every year with a high score. Read all about our strict norms here. After processing, the final product undergoes a short but intense lowering of temperature so that it retains its freshness longer within the cool chain. Finally, the potatoes are portioned, packaged under moderated temperature for maximum shelf life, and prepared for transport to the cold store. Every day our fleet of refrigerated lorries deliver incredibly fresh products to hospitality and catering businesses in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and northern France. Contact us today and place your order!  

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